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I am Nichole Maybury, a Melbourne-based designer, communicator and photographer.

Nichole MayburyI provide a range of creative and communication services including graphic design, branding, strategic marketing and communication, writing and editing and photography. I’m the all-in-one marketing and communication department for businesses that don’t have one!

I have over 20 years' experience working in design, marketing, communication and project management roles. I am passionate about design and communication excellence, and developing strong business brands.

Design, marketing and communication

Branding: I can develop (or rebuild) a strong visual identity for your organisation and help cultivate your brand language.

Graphic design: I'm experienced at producing all types of marketing and promotional materials, from extensive reports to social media graphics.

Strategic marketing and communication: I can plan and implement your marketing activities to focus marketing and communication efforts or solve communication problems.

Writing and editing: I am proficient at editing and proofreading. I can develop your tagline and key messages, or write content for your corporate documents, marketing materials, website, blog or social media.


Photography: I can take quality and cost-effective photographs of your staff, products or premises to promote your organisation or personal brand.


I am passionate about excellence in design and communication, and my blog gives tips and information about things such as brand personality, quality writing and grammar, visual and written style guides and more!

Contact me

To discuss any of these services, contact me on my mobile 0402 217 000, or via email nichole[at]mayburyink.com.au


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