Marketing and communication

Strategic planning will ensure your marketing and communication efforts are more efficient and effective.

A marketing and communication strategy or plan is a roadmap for getting your message across to your audience. It aligns with your business strategy and goals. It defines commitments of people, time and money.

A marketing and communication strategy can help to:

A strategic plan may be short-term or over an extended period, e.g. annual. Plans may be general and overarching, or specific campaigns such as advertising, social media or public relations.

Maybury Ink. can develop a marketing and communication plan for you, or work with your staff to develop a plan.

To discuss your requirements, contact Nichole Maybury via mobile: 0402 217 000, or email: nichole[at]


Job example: Maybury Ink. designed and facilitated a workshop for Moreland Energy Foundation Limited to review their communication activities and channels in alignment with their business priorities, and developed a strategic communication plan for the next year.

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