Branding is defined as what people think and feel about a product, service, experience or organisation. Branding is the practice of getting people to think or feel a certain way about your brand.

A brand is a valuable asset. It must be carefully crafted to appropriately represent a business and to resonate with the right people. Authenticity, clarity and consistency across a brand are critical.

At the heart of branding is an identifiable logo, combined with a strong visual identity (logo, colour palette, graphics, typography, imagery). The visual elements need to be aligned with business vision and values, brand personality and voice, products and services, and customer experience and expectations.

I can develop a logo and robust visual identity for your organisation and integrate it across your business's corporate and marketing collateral. If you already have a logo, I can review your visual identity and re-energise your brand.

With skills in communication planning and strategy, and professional writing, I can help you develop an effective and consistent brand language aligned with your business goals, and I can help to build your brand presence.


To discuss branding services, contact Nichole Maybury via mobile: 0402 217 000, or email: nichole[at]

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